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"How To Get Any Type Of NICHE Patients You Want...Using Facebook Messenger!"
Recent Facebook survey shows 60% would rather communicate with a business via Facebook Messenger than be contacted by phone!



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Steve Moran - Facebook Messenger Expert

"Facebook is positioned to do to email marketing what Uber did to the Taxi business and what Airbnb is doing to the hotel business." You can either jump on board, or miss it and tell your grandkids about the ont that "got away" What are you going to do?
What You Will Learn On This Free LIVE Training:
Secret #1
Facebook Messages have a 95% Open Rate Compared To 20% For Email...People Are Changing The Way They Engage With Businesses...
Secret #2
There Are "NICHE" Lists Available In Your Area.. Denture Wearers... Those With Partials Or Missing Teeth...Or Sleep Apnea...Or TMJ/TMD... Leads Available For $.25 That Can Be Uploaded To Facebook and Marketed To Inside Of Facebook Messenger!
Secret #3
"You Can Build Automated Follow Up Sequences To Be Delivered Inside Of Facebook Messenger That Get Opened At A Rate Of 95%!" 
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